What is your opinion about the selection of a new police chief for Shreveport?

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Joint City/Parish Police Force
Would you support the resolution by Shreveport councilman Mike Gibson that would create a Metro Law Enforcement agency that consolidates the Caddo Sherriff's Department and the Shreveport Police Department, led by Sherriff Steve Prator as top law enforcement officer?
Yes (68)  46.6%
No (78)  53.4%


Nationwide Search for new Police Chief
Should the Mayor conduct a nationwide search for a new police chief
or choose from within the police department?
Nationwide Search (83)  58.9%
Choose from within (58)  41.1%




Black or White police chief?
Should the mayor choose a black or white police chief?
Black (22)  16.2%
White (21)  15.4%
No Preference (93)  68.4%



Total voters polled: 414


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